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It’s not just natural, it’s native. Check out the videos below, for a basic review on understanding Redox Signaling Molecules.  The Biggest scientific breakthrough of our lifetime.  Click on the Amazing Molecules icon to the right to see much wider review of the Health and Wellness Testimonials. The Fitness Advantages for athletes or the Business Opportunity that Asea has to offer.

ASEA is changing the lives of people everywhere, from elite ultra-endurance athletes who constantly push their bodies to the limit to people just wanting to take better care of their health. The truth is that ASEA can benefit the health of everyone at every stage and people from all walks of life are sharing how this remarkable health breakthrough is making a difference for them

ASEA is trillions of stable, perfectly balanced Redox Signaling Molecules suspended in a pristine saline solution—the same molecules that exist in the cells of the human body.

Redox Signaling is a function that is central to all life on the planet. Redox Signaling molecules are created within every cell of the body and are vital to the immune system and to cellular healing mechanisms. They are so essential to life that without them you would die within seconds.  A proper supply of Redox Signaling molecules enables cellular healing: damaged, dysfunctional cells fading away and healthy, vibrant cells taking over.

Redox Signaling molecules are vital to cellular health; that’s why your body makes its own supply. But after the age of 12, our cells make fewer and fewer of these molecules. ASEA is the world’s only source for replenishing Redox Signaling molecules.  ASEA  is also proven to give an amazing edge to athletes, i.e. the entire USA Olympic team have been on ASEA for the last 2 years.  The video below the first one is about the scientific evidence that has been carried out by Dr David C Neimans who is director of the human performance laboratory at Appalachian state University and a professor of health science. The second video is the most recent evidence carried out by Dr David Neimans and his team.

Most recent science from Dr David C Niemann

They help in the preservation and restoration of healthy tissues and cells.
When cells and tissues are damaged, by everyday living (sunlight, toxins, cuts, scrapes, exercise, infections, radiation etc.) they send out Redox Signaling messages for help. This starts a cascade of messengers that are quickly spread throughout the affected area where they call for action to start the healing process (blood supply is redirected, native antioxidants empowered and increased, DNA repair elicited, immune response initiated, inflammation, cell communication enhanced, regeneration efforts started, etc.). The healing process is a well orchestrated effort to either repair the damaged cells or cause the irreparable cells to die and be replaced by healthy ones and thus restore healthy cells and tissue.

Increasing the amount of balanced Redox Signaling carriers in your cells and tissues simply helps to make this whole orchestrated effort much more efficient. They “grease the wheels”, so to speak, making it more likely that cells are repaired and replaced much more efficiently. Healthy cells are more likely to be able to defend themselves, the immune system is more likely to respond correctly, inter cellular communication channels are clearer and more efficient. The concept is elegant, these Redox Signaling carriers do not force the system to act or react differently than it already does. It simply clarifies the signals that help the immune response and the healing process proceeds as it should, and does so much more efficiently.

Anti-ageing benefits:-
As we age, the healing process becomes less efficient, cells and tissues that are damaged or inefficient are not repaired or replaced as efficiently. Gradually these damaged or inefficient cells divide and proliferate, taking over the healthy “young” tissue and causing the downward spiral that leads to ageing and death. The cells and tissues are simply not as efficient as they used to be at doing their job.
By increasing the balanced mixture of Redox Signaling messengers that are already in the body this has the effect of making the defend, repair or replace mechanisms in the cells and tissues much more efficient: Damaged cells are more likely to repair themselves or die and be replaced by healthy neighbouring cells, healthy cells are more likely to be able to defend themselves against infections, toxins, stresses, etc. In essence, cells and tissues are more likely to stay young and healthy.

Powers up the cell’s antioxidant shields.
Certain Redox Signaling molecules are used to recharge and activate the native antioxidants that protect healthy cells from oxidative stress and free radical damage. Your cells are already full of these native antioxidants, they are placed as barriers that protect the more sensitive parts of the cells, such as the DNA in the nucleus. Every microsecond, trillions and trillions of these antioxidants in every cell are doing their job to protect every cell from oxidants. Oxidants are also natively produced as part of the normal metabolism of sugars that provides our cells with energy. As long as the mixture of Redox Signaling molecules is balanced, the antioxidants in the cells and tissues are easily able to defend themselves against such oxidants.  Increasing the amount of balanced Redox Signaling molecules in the cells and tissues helps recharge and activate the native antioxidants that are already in the cells, making them much more efficient. This enhances the natural protection mechanisms of the cell, naturally powering up the natural antioxidant shields that are already placed there for just that purpose, making the healthy cells and tissues more likely to be able to defend themselves.

Tunes up cell’s communication channels.
Every cell in the body MUST be able to communicate with its neighbouring cells in order to function correctly. Communication channels exist that allow messengers to run back and forth between cells. These messengers actually program the DNA in the cells to act as it should in the environment where they live. The discovery of stem cells, that are programmed to act as heart cells or brain cells or whatever tissue they stick to, emphasizes how important these communication channels are. Redox Signaling carriers help move these messengers from cell to cell as well as sending the signals inside and between cells.  An increase in the amount of balanced Redox Signaling molecules makes the cell’s communication channels more efficient. This is especially important when the tissues must respond to a stressor or invader. Quick and accurate response is important. Efficient communication channels make it more likely that the cells and immune systems will respond as they are designed to do.

Optimizes correct immune system function.
In order for the immune system to function as it should, a myriad of communication signals need to be carried between cells, signals that detect damage, signals that control blood flow and control inflammation, signals that activate the immune system response and help determine when, where and what the immune cells attack (and what they do not attack). The immune response is a coordinated effort that depends heavily on Redox Signaling and other types of signaling.
Increasing the amount of balanced Redox Signaling molecules helps make the signaling processes between cells more efficient. With clearer signals, the immune system can operate with increased efficiency. This means that the immune system will be more likely to detect and attack threats that it should engage and less likely to attack healthy cells that it should not engage. This action tends to normalize the immune system function, if overactive it will help decrease its activity, if underactive it will help increase activity. In short, the immune system will tend to operate at optimal efficiency.

Powers up aerobic performance.
As the energy requirements of the cells and tissues increase during aerobic activity, oxygen and sugars in the blood must be able to be transferred from the lungs and energy stores into the muscle cells and tissues. Waste products like Co2 and excess lactates must be transferred out of the cells and tissues, back into the blood and out of the body. The efficiency at which the cells can move oxygen, fuel and waste products back and forth through the blood and cellular membranes determines how long the body can sustain aerobic activity. When the oxygen and energy demands of the muscle tissues exceed the ability of the body to maintain adequate delivery, the muscle cells and tissues start to burn internal energy stores anaerobically (without the use of oxygen).  Waste products (Co2 and lactates) start to build up and further interfere with the aerobic processes. When the internal energy stores of the muscle cells are exhausted, no more energy can be provided and muscle activity ceases completely.  Increasing the amount of balanced Redox Signaling molecules in the body helps normalize the Redox potential in and around the cells and tissues. A balanced Redox potential in the tissues increases the efficiency at which oxygen, fuels and wastes can be transferred in and out of cells and tissues, making the natural aerobic processes more efficient. If aerobic capacities are increased, then the natural length of time that aerobic activity can be sustained under high energy demands is also increased. The time that it takes to recover normal aerobic balance after an intense anaerobic effort is also short





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